Rockford Reborn

The RockfordYes, that’s right.  The Rockford has reopened.  I can confidently confirm the rumors.  I, Mr. Raleighing (whoever that is), am currently continuing to digest a glorious ABC as we speak… along with a pleasant potato salad, half of a house salad, and several Sweetwater 420′s.  Yes, my friends, I am happy.

From what I can tell, not much has changed.  My wife’s Black Bean Quesadilla Points were a bit different (had rice inside) but we were certainly used to random nuances each time we visited the former incarnation of The Rockford.  It’s one of the things we loved about the place.

The draught beers were not listed on the menu; our server suggested that we always ask as they plan on changing that lineup regularly.  For those who are concerned, I can also confirm that they still have Old Speckled Hen (I apparently should be hearing some hallelujahs out there).

Anyway, they have not yet had an ‘official’ opening and are operating on word-of-mouth only for now as they get things up and running.  Luckily for them, raleighing doesn’t quite have the reach it used to so they should be able to keep things under control for a while longer.  All I can say is that, in my opinion, the world just got a little bit more ‘right’ today.

5 responses to “Rockford Reborn”

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  2. Lisa Jeffries

    Has the service improved? ;-)

  3. Dan London

    Where is it? Same spot? and holy hell…and actual LOGO on the door.

  4. chris

    Well, our service last night was fantastic. Our waiter was very nice and quite helpful.

  5. chris

    Yep, same spot. I think they just finally repainted the logo that had faded almost completely away. Everything on the inside is basically the same.