…And, We’re Back!


Or, at least I am back. Yes, as you may or may not have heard, I have been working to get good ol’ raleighing back up and running again. Had a bit of a false start a couple of weeks ago, but things are in place enough for me to go ahead and get this show on the road.

Not that kind of scooping, at least

Ok, now I think it would be a good idea for me to use this first post to explain why I’m bringing raleighing back and what I expect it to be this time around. Upon hearing about the impending return, a Twitterer wondered if this would impact readership at sites such as Goodnight, Raleigh! and New Raleigh. My answer to that would be that I expect to have no impact at all. If anything, I hope I can occasionally send a few more readers their way because I discuss one of their articles, etc. I do not plan on competing with any of the spectacular Raleigh blogs to get the latest scoops. This is primarily due to the fact I am just not as hip as I used to be. My wife and I certainly partake of a lot of what Raleigh has to offer, just not at the rate we used to. Mix this with the awesome job the Raleigh blogs are doing keeping us all in the know, and I don’t really think I’d add that much to the flow of news.  I’ve even added a page with links to the latest posts on several of my favorite Raleigh Blogs here.

So why bring raleighing back?

Well, as any readers of the old raleighing know, I occasionally have things to say and have a hard time keeping my mouth shut. Every now and then I’ll have a meal at a new restaurant that I really want to tell someone about. Or I’ll see a new development that I’d like to discuss. Or I’ll read an article somewhere I’d like to share with others. I’d like to have a place to do this.

How else will raleighing be different?

This time around, I won’t be limiting my posts to Raleigh alone. As all of my close friends know, I am a complete music nut. In the past, I ran a separate blog on which I reviewed new and upcoming artists and albums on a daily basis. While I don’t expect to have that kind of output here, I do still keep up with the latest and greatest music and will share some of that here. As you’ll see, I’ve already created pages with recommended upcoming album releases and recommended local live shows.

Another of my passions is what I do for a living: Agile Project and Product Management. For most of you, I expect this means very little, but I find it incredibly interesting and I occasionally have thoughts I’d like to share. While the discipline is specifically focused on software development, it’s roots are based in Lean Manufacturing as well as zen principles so many of the topics are universally applicable.

What if I only want to read the Raleigh articles?

That’s easy enough! Just click on Raleigh in the list of categories on the right. If you’re reading this via a feed reader, go to the Archives page and you’ll see links to category-specific RSS feeds. If you’re reading this via email, I don’t have a solution for you yet, but plan on setting up separate emails for the three main topics in the near future. Oh, and as always, if you’re not interested in this new format at all, there are unsubscribe links at the bottom of every email. Promise that I use a reputable service (Feedburner/Google) that will not spam you.

Would love to hear from you

Up at the top of the page you’ll see a “Contact” link. Feel free to use the form there to drop me a note. Or you can use the comments, which should be a more robust experience than the last incarnation of raleighing. Finally, you’re welcome to contact me via email.

In closing

I hope all of you have had a great couple of years since raleighing last disappeared. I’m looking forward to seeing what this new version brings us!


6 responses to “…And, We’re Back!”

  1. Dana

    Sooo glad to see this! There are quite a few local bloggers these days, but I say the more the merrier. Each has its own slant on what is cool in Raleigh. Put them all together and your really get a fingerprint on what Raleigh is about (ie none of us can adequately cover all of this stuff alone!). While I'm really not so much into visual arts, others could not care less that some musical is coming to Memorial Auditorium. To each his own, that's cool (said like the VW to the Prius owner).

    There will certainly be some overlap, and that's fine, too. I have no problem with 15 blogs all reporting that Dunkin' Donuts is moving to Hillsborough St. Each covers it in their own unique way, citing the business impact, traffic impacts, etc with each story.

    Brevity is a virtue I once read, so I'll stop my rambling. WELCOME BACK!!

  2. anonymous

    Welcome back! The site is looking good.
    Agile posts too? Does that mean we have daily scrums to discuss what we've read?

  3. raleighing

    No, just that I'll have to have a daily scrum with myself to discuss what I wrote about yesterday, what I am going to write about today, and what is preventing me from writing… and I'll be standing at the time.

  4. Jess

    yay!! welcome back! i used to read your blog 2005-2006! :o )

  5. hcfiv

    Thanks for coming back. No one was able to do what Raleighing did. I missed it the last couple of years.

  6. hcfiv

    Thanks for coming back. No one was able to do what Raleighing did. I missed it the last couple of years.