Rockford Reborn

The RockfordYes, that’s right.  The Rockford has reopened.  I can confidently confirm the rumors.  I, Mr. Raleighing (whoever that is), am currently continuing to digest a glorious ABC as we speak… along with a pleasant potato salad, half of a house salad, and several Sweetwater 420′s.  Yes, my friends, I am happy.

From what I can tell, not much has changed.  My wife’s Black Bean Quesadilla Points were a bit different (had rice inside) but we were certainly used to random nuances each time we visited the former incarnation of The Rockford.  It’s one of the things we loved about the place.

The draught beers were not listed on the menu; our server suggested that we always ask as they plan on changing that lineup regularly.  For those who are concerned, I can also confirm that they still have Old Speckled Hen (I apparently should be hearing some hallelujahs out there).

Anyway, they have not yet had an ‘official’ opening and are operating on word-of-mouth only for now as they get things up and running.  Luckily for them, raleighing doesn’t quite have the reach it used to so they should be able to keep things under control for a while longer.  All I can say is that, in my opinion, the world just got a little bit more ‘right’ today.

Stream Forthcoming New Album From The Love Language

Libraries CoverOne of my favorite Raleigh bands has a release coming out in a few weeks.  The Love Language drops “Libraries” July 13 on Carrboro’s Merge Records.  This is their second album; their first self-titled album was released in February 2009 and received national attention.

I am happy to report two things about their new album.  First of all, you can listen to the whole thing online at the album page on (look for the link under the album cover).   Secondly, I am confident that you and everyone else will agree they have completely, totally, without-a-doubt avoided any semblance of a sophomore slump.  The album is grand in scope and demands multiple listens.  The opening track, “Pedals”, abounds with layers of lush strings, jangly piano, big drums, soaring lead and harmony vocals, and their signature distorted guitars.  We immediately know we’re in for something big here.

Every track on the album is a highlight, with more and more revealed each listen.  I’ve posted the first ‘single’ from the album below (hosted on  But do get over to the Merge Records page and give the whole thing a listen.  It’s worth it.  Even brought me out of blogging semi-retirement!

The Love Language – Heart To Tell

Another 25 Free Tracks from UO

Well, it appears that my blog has digressed into an announcement engine for Urban Outfitters compilations. So, in that spirit, here’s the heads up that they have released LSTN #8 which features tracks from indie acts including some of my favorites such as Yeasayer, Beach House, Owen Pallett, and Fanfarlo. As always, the compilation is completely free. Head to this link to check it out. Enjoy!

25 Free Tracks: LSTN #7 Available

lstn7Sometime recently, Urban Outfitters released the 7th in its series of free compilations featuring up and coming indie acts. This one has some of my recent faves: Girls, The xx, A Place to Bury Strangers, The Dodos, and Islands. They’re releasing these things just about as fast as I can keep up!


AT&T Microcell Service Comes to Raleigh

att-3g-microcell-handson_1Engadget is reporting that AT&T has brought it’s new Microcell service and device to the Triangle area.  Basically, it is a small device that connects to your home broadband connection.  Then, your AT&T cell phone can connect to it to place calls using your cell phone plan.  For an additional $20 a month, you get unlimited calls through the Microcell rather than using your minutes.  The device itself is $150 to purchase, but the Engadget article outlines the several ways rebates can be earned.

For those of us who get terrible AT&T reception at home, this might be a godsend.

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